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January 23, 2010

The Motomichi music video reminded me of how the video for Death Cab for Cutie’s “Grapevine Fires” rocked my world. In 2009 it won the Best Music Video award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. This post on boingboing includes band member Nick Harmer discussing how the video came to be.

Grapevine Fires on BB

During our last album, entitled Plans, I got frustrated with the amount of sometimes suffocating input that bands and labels felt they needed to give to filmmakers making videos, so along with my friend, director Aaron Stewart-Ahn, we came up with a concept to have 11 different filmmakers direct a video for each song on our album.

Evolution and Ecology class last week started with a review of the prominent 17th and 18th-century naturalists and others who contributed to the theory of natural selection. Ernst Haeckel was an artist as well as a pioneer of evolution, and ASIFA has put up digitized scans of his artwork and a PDF of his book
Art Forms in Nature
from 1904.

Haeckel’s Natural Forms


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