Photoshop project: Hotdogbook

April 1, 2010

Our Photoshop project was to design and print a little eight-page booklet, called a ‘hotdogbook’, on any subject that people should be made aware of. Since I’m taking anatomy class at the same time, I wrote up a guide characterizing the five kinds of white blood cells.

Hotdogbooks are printed on one side of ordinary 8.5 x 11″ paper. When folded down the center and the spine cut along the center four pages (but without cutting the outer four pages) the sheet folds up into a booklet with front and back covers and six interior pages. It can stand upright on a table or its pages can be turned book style.

If anyone finds this guide useful, feel free to use it for your studies.

Edited 6Jun10: An article on boingboing shows the evolving design of Iraq cultural “smart cards”, also with eight pages, used by the US military.

Tactical Language Education


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