CE 20: Flash tween with shape hints

April 5, 2010

Class exercise in shape tweening using “shape hints” to guide the transformation. First, two simple text letters go into keyframes 24 frames apart for the start and end. Text is a “symbol” in Flash, so before a shape tween can be applied, each letter has to be converted into pure shapes with the “Break Apart” command. Once a shape tween has been applied to the run of frames, then Modify > Shape > Add Shape Hint can add a hint dot to the start frame. Each dot is dragged to a good spot on the edge of the start letter, and its corresponding dot to a matching place on the end letter. After some trial and error, the shape hints can constrain the transformation to something that makes sense.

First image with no shape hints, second with. This animation uses four shape hints, two on the tips of the C and leftmost points of the K, and two matching the upper and lower edge of the C to the pinched-in points in center of the K.


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