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CE 21: Flash along a path

April 7, 2010

Here, exercises in applying a Guide Layer. A path drawn in this Guide Layer will steer the course of a Classic Tween applied to its parent layer.

First, right-click on blank parent layer to choose Add Classic Motion Guide. In the Guide layer, draw the path that an object is going to take. (Note: use only pen or pencil for this, not the brush or other fill tools.) Back in the original, blank layer, create a shape and drag it to the start point of the path. Apply Classic Tween in the usual way and place the shape at the end point of the path. (Also note: Classic tweens apply to shapes, not to symbols. A symbol has to be Broken Apart before this will work.)

In the first example, I also applied a transform to the same Classic tween to make the ball larger at the endpoint.

The tweening got confused when I made a path a complete loop, so in the second example here, the square path actually doesn’t complete – the start and end points have a gap of half a ball-width or so between them. The motion still looks smooth.

Two examples:


CE-17: Flash intro: Shape distortion (or: Tormenting squares)

March 29, 2010

From top to bottom:

Square cut by subtracting a triangle from it. The triangle was a different color during the process, so that it could be deleted from each frame after it removed parts of the square.

Square with another square subtracted from it.

Distorted “breathing” rectangle made by distorting each frame, then by copying the set of frames and reversing them.

First distorted rectangle, made frame by frame in class, then reversed.